Race – LSOA and Ward (Census 2011 & 2021)

To begin, select the ethnic group of interest from the Ethnicity list. If multiple are desired, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard as you click. This shows how many residents are in this group (or groups) on the map, and broken down by ward (if using 2011 data). To see just one ward, click on that bar in the bar graph. This will highlight the corresponding section in the map. To de-select, click outside the bar in the graph area. To include information on IMD decile (a composite measure of deprivation, definition here), select the box, or boxes, with the corresponding decile. To de-select, click the box again. To view all usual Hounslow residents, select this box under Ethnicity. Please note, population numbers will not be correct if no boxes are selected under Ethnicity.